We custom design and build the Safety Clamp to fit all tank sizes

Automatically adjusts in all weather conditions and continues to apply constant pressure at all times due to the spring concept

Every pivot point has a square hole with a round shaft.  This eliminates the possibility of all pivot points from seizing up due to rust caused by weather and chemical elements.  With the new bolted together concept this allows the buyer and user to order and replace the parts required.  Example: If a handle is damaged you don’t have to replace the unit just buy a handle.  This makes the Safety Clamp a one time investment.  Please call 701-584-2071 with any questions.

Custom Powder Coating Available

Why is powder coating paint good?

S&S Safety Clamp uses a high-tech process to paint the clamps. The metal is bead blasted prior to painting, which prepares the metal for the powder coating paint. The powder coating paint extends the life of the product, preventing it from degrading in the harsh elements. The powder coating is a more visible paint, which allows for more vibrant colors.

Why Bright Colors?

S&S Safety Clamps are quick and easy to operate. The do not require tools to install them the way competitor clamps do. Using bright colors allows the installer to clearly see the handles in any weather conditions. S&S Safety Clamps can be painted to match the color scheme of the oil company using them, creating unison with their existing company colors. The colored clamps make it easy to recognize which oil company is working at a particular drill site.