Modified Custom Safety Clamp and Tuff Tanks system

Safety Clamp has been a great company to work with. They helped us find a solution to clamp the liner on our new Tuff Tanks system We developed a new mobile above-ground water tank for the oil industry and Safety Clamp was willing to modify their current clamp system to fit our tank design. The simplicity of their clamp made it easy to secure our liner to the top a our tank. Even though our tank is a foot wide (unconventional for this kind of tank) in diameter, the newly Modified Custom Safety Clamp and Tuff Tanks system work perfectly. We don’t know of another clamp in the market that is safer or more simple to use. We will be using Safety Clamps for all our Tuff Tanks Containment systems moving forward.
Thank you for taking our request so serious and for the quick modified production and delivery of these clamps!

Dale Mortensen | Tufftanks Liquid Containment System